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Design: Roundtable Calibration

Company: SuccessFactors; Project: Marketing/Sales design for Roundtable Calibration Tool

Image Link to Roundtable Calibration

Design: Slider Control

Company: SuccessFactors; Project: Slider Control for Calibration Tool

Vision Document

As the first user experience designer and de facto researcher for Yahoo! Ad Systems I was charged with facilitating the evolution of a unified Ad Systems tool-set and streamlined flow. After learning each application I worked with product managers to focus their product visions into a single conceptual model. The process resulted in two documents exploring the interaction and interface of that model.

For Windows

For On-demand delivery

Y! Vision Document for On Demand


After the vision process was deemed successful and complete the next step was to take one application and turn it into the next generation tool to be delivered through the chosen platform. The Campaign Planning tool was the result.

Campaign Planning Tool Sample

Site Map

Company: marchFIRST; Customer: Clarify; Project: Site Map for Clear Support Web Application conversion.

Site Map Example